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411 Seven Days in Chicago: Caught in the Web

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Not many TV shows have four exclamation points in their titles, but for Tom Seymour’s web-based comic review series “Bif! Bam! Pow! Wow!” at, the punctuation is apt. Through quick five-to-eight-minute episodes, Seymour—who manages Lincoln Park’s Graham Crackers comic book store—enlightens his audiences on what’s underrated, what’s overrated and what they totally need to keep out of the “Iron Man” movie. “I suppose the bulk of it is me ranting about stuff, but we try to have at least one guest interview,” Seymour says, who has welcomed graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown and Marvel artist Scottie Young to the show. “It’s better than working in an office building for me personally,” he says of his job. “I couldn’t really see myself doing anything else. I’m not really qualified for anything else.”

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