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411 Seven Days in Chicago: We All Scream

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Ice cream can satisfy a sweet-tooth craving, but for a Chicago couple, this frozen treat is the answer to a much deeper desire—they want to make enough money so they can run a large non-profit of their own. “The facility has been a dream for years, ” says Renee Richardson, who manages the new South Loop Marble Slab Creamery with her husband, Glen. The decision to manage the franchise was based solely on their urge to help others. “It was time to get focused,” she says. The couple will donate twenty percent of profits from the shop to their charities, one of which Renee founded and helps run for women and teenage girls. They plan to build a “mega-facility” with an educational space to teach the women of Renee’s charity, as well as open a prisoner rehabilitation center. And it doesn’t hurt, Renee says, that she likes the ice cream.

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