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411 Seven Days in Chicago: Doggie Bar

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Dog lover Melissa Cecola has had it with the “no dogs allowed” regulation. She has decided that it’s time that man’s best friend had a place of his own to dine in style. That’s why Cecola opened Ukrainian Village’s Spotland Yard, a dog boutique and “barkista,” where your furry friend can replenish and refresh with functional organic shakes, coffees and teas, such as the vitamin-infused “Doggie Java” for plus-sized dogs with restricted diets or the “Down Dog Lemon Serenity Drink” to calm Fido’s nerves on the way to the vet. Cecola hopes the café will inspire more young people to be more active and aware when purchasing foods for their pets. “With the recent pet-food scares, it’s more important than ever that owners are feeding their dogs properly,” Cecola says. The dog café also will offer a bakery case of brownies, biscuits and birthday cakes and even a dessert menu of frozen treats for those hot and humid temperatures. “I thought there was a need for this in the neighborhood,” Cecola says. “Everyone has dogs and they love them like their kids and this allows them to give treats in a healthy way.” Spotland Yard is hosting an official opening party Saturday that will benefit PAWS Chicago and feature a puppy available for adoption.

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