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411 Seven Days in Chicago: Old Style

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There is nothing too superstitious for Cubs fans. The ESPN Zone’s Brian Hanover knows the pain of being a suffering Cubs fan in the centennial year without a World Series win, so in an effort to raise hopes, he’s asking all of Chicagoland’s centenarians to gather their spirits, their fondest Cubs memories and their walkers for a “Brunch and Watch” party for the Cubs game on April 13. “Ideally I would love to see generations of Cubs fans show up,” Hanover says. “You could conceivably have five or six generations of fans here.” The 100-year-old fans and their families will receive a free brunch and a forum to share their frustrations and adorations for the team. Hanover is not quite sure what to expect as far as attendance but he is looking forward to bringing fans of all ages and designs for an afternoon of mutual team spirit. “Who knows—we might find the oldest living Cubs fan here,” he hopes.

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