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Have a Car-Free Summer: Did someone say something about the price of gas?

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Next month, I’ll mark four years of car-free living. The first year was one of adjustments, of fine-tuning my transit practices to a mix of CTA, walking, taxis and car-sharing. But over time, I’ve come to enjoy new ways of living in and around Chicago without the burden of a vehicle. This summer, for example, I’ve made a commitment to bicycle-commute at least one day a week, even though I have a monthly CTA pass. I plan to explore golf courses accessible via public transit, and have enjoyed traveling to and from family barbecues in suburbia via Metra, where I’ve been able to enjoy a beer or three, even on the train, without concerns about mixing drinking and driving. Speaking of which, I hear the price of gas has topped $4 a gallon, but haven’t had the chance to experience that one myself…

We’ve put together some insights into having fun in the city this summer without pumping the tank yourself, but really, it isn’t hard. Just combine your train schedule or a bicycle with your imagination and you might just find yourself joining me among the car-less. (Brian Hieggelke)

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