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411: Paradise Found

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While it may be just past prom season for most high-schoolers, Girlie-Q Productions is hosting the adult answer to all your taffeta yearnings and cray-paper dreams—“Almost Paradise, a Very Queer Prom,” an event dedicated to the “titlating entertainment” that used to be reserved for the back-seat of cars. “It all started when [an acquaintance] threw a punk-rock-biker prom, and I thought what a great scene that would be,” says Ms. Bea Haven’s (aka Jeanne Newman), the event’s coordinator, who expects a huge turnout. “It definitely fits a niche because there aren’t too many events geared toward queer women.” Following the Dyke March on Saturday, a $15 ticket will treat you to live music by Congress of Starlings and Bric-a-Brac, a burlesque show, a professional photographer and a gender-bending crowning ceremony. “With tons of cheesy overtones, it’ll be over-the-top camp,” Newman says of the event, which takes place at Broadway Street’s The Spot. “It’s gonna be a gay ol’ time!”

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