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411: Radio Daze with Red Bar Radio

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Mike David advises everyone to listen to four episodes of his Internet radio show before making a judgment, since “Most people hate the show upon first listen.” At times resembling a low-budget version of “The Howard Stern Show, ” “Red Bar Radio” consists mostly of David and his co-host of the day mocking public figures, callers and each other, a formula that has won them consistent placement in Podcast Alley’s list of the top-ten most popular podcasts. At the beginning of June, however, an unusually serious message was posted on the show’s Web site announcing a month-long hiatus, after which the show would either return or end forever. “[The show] was fine where it was, but in order to get any bigger it needed someone to work on it full time,” says David, who also works as a graphic designer. In the end he decided to devote himself to a revamped show, now with permanent co-host Dean Carlson and a focus on attracting more of a local audience. David, who records the show from his Albany Park basement, promises some unconventional promotional tactics this summer. Does David plan to compete with other local talk shows? “Not compete. Take their listeners.”

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