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Fall Forward: Museum exhibit previews 2008

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Twisted Into Recognition: Clichés of Jews and Others
Historical artifacts, material culture and modern art and film can reveal the existence and perseverance of stereotypes. Stereotypes and clichés comfort us in facing the unknown, but can also have ugly side effects. Explore how these images and objects represent us and affect us and how we respond to their resolve in this progressive multimedia exhibition. Opens September 26 at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Chic Chicago: Couture Treasures
Take the opportunity to look deep into the chests of some of Chicago’s most notorious women in history. The Chicago History Museum will have more than sixty significant couture pieces on display providing an intimate glance into Chicago’s elite past, from 1861-2008. Opens September 27 at the Chicago History Museum

Fast Forward … Inventing the Future
Join in on the celebration of the Museum of Science and Industry’s seventy-fifth anniversary by looking to the future. The museum’s newest rotating exhibit displays cutting-edge technologies and innovations developed by the world’s brainiest inventors and scientists. Opens September 3 at The Museum of Science and Industry

The Aztec World: A Unique View of a Mighty Empire
After centuries of investigation, experts are finally beginning to understand the culture and history of the Aztecan people. Take this opportunity to enter into the everyday lives of their compelling Mesoamerican culture. Observe rare Aztecan artifacts, such as sacrificial altars and royal treasures, amassed for the first time in history. Opens October 31 at The Field Museum

Boom Towns!
With a thick influx of immigrants, industrial advance and social regulation, Chicago underwent a colossal, unprecedented population boom at the end of the nineteenth century. Discover how Chicago’s experience compares to the modern day booms in China and the Middle East by evaluating iconic works of architecture in each region and era. Opens September 23 at the Chicago Architecture Foundation

Cranes and Conversations
Sandhill cranes, the oldest birds on Earth, follow a similar route from north to south each year. Two avid admirers and good friends, Jill Metcoff and Diane Farris, also pursued the route. Jill, of Wisconsin, trailed the birds in the north and Diane welcomed their arrival in Florida. Metcoff and Farris, thirty years later, have reunited in Chicago to compile their inspiring migration photographs, collages and film montages. The exhibit may even inspire you to get outside and admire as the fleet soars along our lakefront from mid-October to mid-November. Notebaert Nature Museum starting October 17

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