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Raw Power: RAW TV on Chicago’s WFLD

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RAW TV on Chicago’s WFLD (FOX) brings an engaging medley of programming to late-night Friday TV (at 1am). Chicago’s own Seandale, of WPWX-FM (Power 92), boasts an eclectic and impressive entertainment background and strives to make RAW TV a local variety act, while also swanking big names, such as this week’s Twista and Mikkey. More than just a hip-hop review, Seandale and his “Diva Squad” offer a variety of entertainment, including comedy sketches, local-artist performances and interviews, on-the-street skits, “Good ‘N Ghetto” cooking demonstrations and Peanut the “Ghetto” Psychic.
While West Side resident Seandale aims to entertain, he also aspires to offer something fresh. “I want to show love to local artists on a mainstream level so they can get exposure and build their resumes.” Another segment dubbed “Doing good in the ‘hood” exposes philanthropic opportunities in the city. “I want to come out bigger than anything out there.”

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