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Museum Review: Black Creativity 2009: Green Revolution

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Since 1971, the Museum of Science and Industry has presented its “Black Creativity” celebration, a six-week program highlighting the achievements of African Americans. This year, in addition to an art exhibit and a series of guest lectures, the museum focuses on African American contributions to the green industry: the businessmen, artists, entrepreneurs and consultants working to save the world through conservation. The exhibit promotes ways to take the green revolution home, such as recycling and taking public transportation. It also provides interactive games for its younger visitors, among them a solar-powered car race and a hands-on earthworm demonstration. But the real draw of “Green Revolution” is the walls, decked with banners detailing the achievements of notable African Americans in the environmental fields. Among them are Mae Jemison, an astronaut and the first African-American woman to explore space, Will Allen, the CEO of Growing Power and a promoter of urban farming, and Bryant Terry, an eco-chef. These individuals serve a dual purpose: to exemplify the successes of African Americans, as well as to show the leaps being taken at this very moment to introduce environmental consciousness into the infrastructure of our society. (Laura Hawbaker)

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