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At Wicker Park’s Debonair Social Club, Wednesday nights have become a “weekly sex-capade,” featuring live performances by local entertainers ranging from burlesque performers like Red Hot Annie to Elvis impersonators. Titled the “No-Tell Motel,” it’s slated to be raunchy and rowdy, causing a stir right from its inception. “We’ve had some burlesque events at Debonair over the last year with a couple of different companies and have always had a really good response,” says operating partner and Debonair owner Steve Harris. “It seems the clientele likes it because it’s different and new and not just another DJ. We’re trying to pick points of bringing in new fun things to Debonair.” And where’s the inspiration behind the “No-Tell Motel”? “We wanted it to be sexy and kind of provocative and have hidden meanings,” Harris says. “We wanted to make it a little bit clever and fun and just keep people on their toes. We try to put a twist on everything we do at Debonair.”

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