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411: Jane Gets a Makeover

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Thanks to a recent grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities, UIC’s Jane Addams Hull-House Museum is undergoing some changes. Currently, only the first floor of the house where Addams lived and worked is open to the public, but after the work is completed, the second floor will be opened, doubling the museum’s available space. This will give curators the opportunity to recreate Addams’ bedroom as well as freeing space on the first floor for exhibits on other reformers whose stories, due to a lack of space, were not previously being told. “There will be a rotating exhibit which will be able to tell in-depth stories of five different reformers at any one time,” informs Lisa Yun Lee, the museum’s director. Another element that will be new to the museum will be a listening room. “We have recordings of Jane Addams and other reformers that have never been heard before. We’re also going to recreate, based on the cultural history what Hull-House sounded like in 1898.”

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