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This Week’s Biggest Gainers

1 Joel Quenneville
The Blackhawks coach guided his team to the NHL semifinals, the first time for this squad since 1996. Hockey in Chicago. Who knew?

2 Kentaindra Scarver, Veronica Spann, Rosayln Henry, Laketta Davenport
The Iowa residents—and former Chicagoans—were some of the first to wed after the state’s lift of the gay-marriage ban.

3 Jerry Angelo
Bears GM landed some modest praise from NFL draft experts after last weekend’s acquiring of several promising college players.

4 Vinny Del Negro
Led his Bulls to an epic victory in a classic double-overtime playoff game against the Celtics.

5 Roger Ebert
The Sun-Times movie man received a Peter Lisagor Award for his online blog, “Roger Ebert’s Journal.”

This Week’s Biggest Losers

1 Drew Peterson
The family of the Bolingbrook man’s late third wife filed a wrongful death suit against him.

2 Barack Obama
Took heat from Roseland residents for not doing enough with urban issues.

3 Lance Briggs
Reportedly diced his hand open while shaving with a straight razor. Luckily we got some time before he needs to hit the field.

4 Ben Gordon
A thrilling performance in the Bulls double-OT win over the Celtics, but the guard tweaked his hammy.

5 Jim Andrews
The owner of the West Side’s Felony Franks hotdog stand was criticized by Alderman Bob Fioretti for the spot’s “crime” theme.

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