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Life 101: The 2010 Education Issue

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education_coverWe learn every day. About ourselves, about others, about…gather ’round…life. The beauty of learning is that it never stops; we never grow too old, and it’s never too late.

Fantasies come and go. You might want to be a rock star one week, a contestant on “Top Chef” the next. That’s natural—most of our brains are wired to bounce between desires. If you’re lucky, you don’t have one dream, but a whole army of them. Dreaming is ageless, too.

We live in a great city bulging with prestigious universities and arts schools. We’re also blessed with smaller-scale learning centers that specialize in certain fields. When we discussed what should be the theme for our 2010 edition of annual Education Issue, two things became instantly clear: not only does Chicago boast an abundant amount of educational outlets, but many of those outlets have the potential to properly prepare you for immediate work in the applicable field, even in the arts.

For instance, if for all your life you’ve been fascinated by the wigs actors wear on stage during performances, read further, as DePaul might have an answer for you. You might be backstage at Steppenwolf sometime soon. You have a screenplay but need a director for your piece? Attend a Chicago Filmmakers Meet-up and you may be on the path to a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

And so, we present our 2010 Education Issue. Read, and learn.

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