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411: The Prom is Dead

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There’s mindless entertainment, and then there’s brain-dead entertainment. Zombie Prom 2010 is proud to be the latter. After a successful test run last year, Zombie Army Productions has teamed up with Q101 and Elevate Chicago to “make Zombie Prom one of the premier dark events in Chicago,” says founder John LaFlamboy, stressing that it’s not just for horror aficionados but “for everyone.” True to its name, there’ll be free prom pictures, a prom king and queen contest, and a DJ. Unlike the often-fraught high-school version, though, the goal of this prom is decidedly unserious fun. “We’re all just putting on makeup like clowns and having a good time,” LaFlamboy says. Just in case, he’s booked “an eighties zombie cover band just to make sure that none of us take ourselves too seriously.” Getting decked out—costumes and makeup are mandatory, with makeovers available onsite for $10—gives partygoers permission to loosen up, or, in LaFlamboy’s words, “just have fun and be ridiculous and act like an idiot.” (Rachel Sugar)

Zombie Prom 2010, May 21, Vision Nightclub, 640 N. Dearborn. 9pm-4am with free dinner buffet from 9pm-10:30pm. $20 at the door. Costumes and make up mandatory, onsite makeovers available $10.

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