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411: Live the horror at the Surgical Museum

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Among the highlights of “The Menagerie, ” the International Museum of Surgical Science’s upcoming fundraiser, which also includes burlesque dancers, karaoke, and, perhaps, a large python, participants will be given the rare opportunity to “own [their] own death,” says Death by Design Co.’s co-founder Teena McClelland. She and her team of video and special-effects experts will transform individuals into Dr. Moreau’s grotesque half-man, half-animal experiments, who will then enact their revenge on one of H.G. Wells’ more memorable anti-heroes. And it will all be available for posterity on tape. “We like to help people realize inner narratives,” McClelland says. “We like to tell stories with people and people have interesting stories to tell.” Death by Design staff members will play directors and producers as participants come to terms with mortality in a strange yet controlled scenario. Inspired by her own fear of horror films, McClelland insists that once people experience death, in some capacity, it seems less intimidating. Beyond the obvious reasons, the International Museum of Surgical Science, 1524 North Lake Shore Drive, was a natural choice for such an event after the latter played host to the Threewalls Gallery’s vampire-themed fundraiser, “You Oughta Be In Fangs,” last spring. Spend $50-$100 for a good cause and come see “who gets torn apart” on Saturday, June 12 from 7pm-11pm.  (Emma Ramsay)

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