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This week’s biggest gainers:

Devin Hester
Welcome back, oh ridiculous one. Loved the improv Lambeau leap.

David Cromer
We knew you were a genius. MacArthur may have given you $500K, but we gave you 5,000 words.

Jay Cutler
You may have lost one battle for QB supremacy, but you won this war.

Rahm Emanuel
When you run for mayor, make sure you keep that fake Twitter persona. We might vote for that version of you. And maybe he can get your apartment back.

Shannon Lee Dawdy
A genius among University of Chicago profs? That’s a shock. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

This week’s biggest losers:

Jesse Jackson Jr.
Wasn’t the Blago mess enough? You had to “Tiger” a blonde cocktail waitress, too?

Sandi Jackson
Probably not the kind of front-page publicity your maybe-run-for-mayor campaign wants.

Ozzie Guillen
We still love you, man, but just the mental image of you in a Cubs uni kind of made us sick.

Tom Ricketts
We could have warned you, man. You bought the Cubs!

Todd Henderson
Hey formerly blogging U of C prof: want to swap incomes and expenses? Call me!

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