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This week’s biggest gainers:

Mark Kirk
Republican elected to the Senate seat once held by Roland Burris as well as some other guy.

Pat Quinn
Even the antics of your once-running mate Rod Blagojevich haven’t made Illinoisans ready for a full-blown right-wing retrograde yet.

Alexi Giannoulias
Took grace in defeat to a new level when he had beers the next day with Kirk the conquerer.

Joe Walsh
So how many votes for Tea Party extremism, and how many ‘cuz  they think you’re the guitarist for The Eagles?

Danny Davis
Won the election for mayor (of the coalition to elect a black mayor, that is).

This week’s biggest losers:

Bill Brady
Couldn’t ride the Republican wave to the governorship, even with your competitor’s impeached and convicted former running mate on the air hawking nuts?

Chris Hunter, Jeff Wright and Jaisen Freeman
Your Four Loko is becoming a national no-no.

Luis Gutierrez
Yeeaaaah. I wouldn’t hang around that Tony Rezko guy if I were you.

Bobby Rush
That New City Bank that’s suing you over taxes? We got nothing to do with them.

Ron Huberman
School Board prez asked for early dismissal.

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