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411: The Surgical Museum Gets a Facelift

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When the International Museum of Surgical Sciences rolls out its newest exhibit this week, “Our Body: The Universe Within, ” regular visitors will notice changes to the exhibition space, which has been newly renovated.

Max Downham, executive director of the International College of Surgeons, says that the museum “took the opportunity (of preparing the new exhibition) to renovate.” Downham mentions a cleaner, all-white color scheme, refurbished hardwood and marble floors, restored lavatories, better AC and ventilation and the replacement of fluorescents with track lighting.

Downham specifically highlights this last upgrade, since the track lights will allow for a greater degree of fidelity when viewing the exhibits, a particular advantage given that the “Our Body” displays constitute more than 200 human specimens prepared via polymer impregnation. The relatively new preservative technique, which replaces fat and water in bodies with a polymer plastic, allows for specimens to be posed in ways that best delineate anatomical systems.

Downham adds that all remodeling was done in keeping with landmark standards, an important consideration given the museum prides itself on its facility, a preserved lakefront turn-of-the-century mansion which is on national, state and municipal landmark registers. (David Wicik)

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