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This week’s biggest gainers:

Lovie Smith
What’s the theme to “Against All Odds” again?

Terry Mazany
Wonder if the “kids” will take advantage of a CPS chief “sub.”

Dan Persa
Northwestern quarterback “martyred” when he led the Wildcats to an upset over Iowa but went down for the season in the process.

That Wiley Coyote
Rats on State Street? Help yourself!

Alexi Ramirez
Silver Slugger! It’s no Golden Glove but it’s still precious mettle.

This week’s biggest losers:

Kevin Metheny
WGN finally shook its Pig Virus.

Kanye West
Sour on Lauer,  the repentant rapper nixed a Today Show gig to promote his new joint.

Tom Ricketts
Maybe the next mayor will be a Cubs fan and you’ll get to renovate Wrigley. Or maybe not.

James Meeks
Stormed into the mayor’s race as a top Rahm alternative—wait, is that top Republican Andy McKenna at your side?

Danny Davis
The “Moony” mayoral candidate became column fodder for the Trib’s John Kass, who previously shot down the presidential aspirations of Barack Obama. Hmm… maybe not such a bad thing?

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