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Presents: A Most Peculiar Holiday Guide and Gift Rap

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Shop Local. It’s a simple sentiment, one which we’ve been encouraging (and practicing) for years. Not only does it make holiday shopping a pleasure instead of a chore, but it does your city, your neighborhood, your friends a world of good, as dollars spent at locally owned merchants tend to stay in the local economy. This year, we’ve taken it a step further. Not only are we highlighting local as we always do, but this time we’re focusing on locally crafted items, whether food, or toys or other gifts. Not only will you be able to give a gift you can be proud of, but you can share the story of its maker; heck, feel free to tear out this page (or print it out online) and wrap it in your gift box. Your offering may not be expensive, but it will sure be rich.

In the Cards: Third Coast Collection offers Chicago-Centric greetings

Sweet Luxury: Canady Le Chocolatier crafts artisan bon-bons

Milking Cookies: Hey! Sugar innovates a classic confection

Plush Job: Pock-it Palz are the stuff teen dreams are made of

Toy Story: Tree Hopper brings the wood shop home

Ancient Gifts: For an offbeat classic, the Spice House makes scents

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