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Think About The Future: If you did, you’d already know there’s a school for psychics

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Maybe this is the year you finally quit smoking, or drop those fifteen pounds, or get that online degree from Phoenix U. But probably not. So save that money you were going to waste on a gym membership and invest in something useful, like learning to become psychic.

InVision, 3340 North Clark, has been Chicago’s leading school for psychics, energy healers and clairvoyants since 2003 (in a past life it was known as The Midwest Psychic Institute). They offer both introductory six-week classes and more advanced six-month training programs in topics ranging from basic Psychic Meditation (think “Being Psychic 101”) to Astral Body Training. And while you may not think you have it in you to read psychic energy or heal chakras, InVision’s guiding philosophy is that we all have the potential.

“Everyone is (already) psychic,” says Ali Hunger, InVision’s assistant director. “People have premonitions all the time. Like when you walk into a room and you feel something—you feel comfortable or you don’t feel comfortable, your body reacts. You get on a train car on the El and there’s an energy and you want to switch. You can use (your psychic ability) to get ahead, make money, find love; students use the techniques to make their lives exactly what they wanted.”

Ali points to herself as a “poster child” for the power of psychic healing. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with MS and needed a walker to get around.

“My arm had gone completely numb, parts of my body I was losing control. A neurologist told me I would be in a wheelchair.”

That was in 2007. Today, she has recently joined a gym, rides her bike to work, and is completely mobile, using both arms and legs with no walker (and definitely no wheelchair).

“I completely changed the energy of my space, my aura and my body, so that my life has changed accordingly. I was a goth girl,” she laughs, “I smile a lot now.”

As Ali explains it, psychic ability is more about seeing and feeling the energy around us than predicting the future or bending spoons with your mind.

“We have readings that are very spot on,” she says. “It’s not that they’re reading someone’s mind, they’re reading someone’s energy. You’re very aware of it when you’re at the cash machine behind someone and there’s that space you don’t enter. We read that space, we read that energy, that aura. All of your experiences are in there, your wants, your needs.”

So if you’re hoping to learn to fly or “unscrew a light bulb with your mind and throw it,” this probably isn’t the kind of psychic power you’re thinking of.

“If you can get your husband to clean the toilet,” Hunger notes, “that’s something.”

As far as using your newfound ability to win the lottery, you may be out of luck there too.

“That’s a difficult one,” chuckles Hunger. “Lot of karma tied up with that.” (Jonas Simon)

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