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This week’s biggest gainers:

Jody Weis
Beleaguered police supe got a last laugh when his controversial gang powwow resulted in a forty percent drop in violent crime in targeted areas.

Richard Daley
The retiring mayor stands to command $50K per speech. Maybe he gets a bonus for doing so without fracturing his syntax.

Riccardo Muti
Busy week for the Maestro: a pacemaker installed, a Grammy won and back to work at the CSO.

Buddy Guy
Blues legend and club owner scored another Grammy Award, enough for a six-pack.

Mavis Staples
Apparently it took Jeff Tweedy at the controls, for the legendary Chicago singer picked up her very first Grammy for the album he produced.

This week’s biggest losers:

Carol Moseley Braun
She did not compare the Jewish Rahm Emanuel to Hitler, she compared him to a fictional character who loves Hitler. And she definitely did not call him a Hitler-loving crackhead.

Andrew Mason
Groupon CEO finally apologized and pulled his taste-challenged TV commercials, while an onslaught of bad PR rained down from all directions. Is that six billion still sitting around, Eric Schmidt?

Dawn Hamill
Apparently animal sanctuary and pet cemetery are not the same thing.

Ed Burke
City Council powerhouse turned into the whipping boy for mayoral candidates during the debate. It was enough to turn his hair gray. Oh wait.

Marty Turco
Hawks goalie blew a three-goal lead and a shootout in his much hyped return to his former Dallas home.

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