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This week’s biggest gainers:

Rahm Emanuel
The honeymoon starts… now. And now—it’s over. Hellooo Mayor Rahmbo.

Dan Sinker
The media went agog when Twitter’s Chaucer of the F word, @MayorEmanuel, came out of the crawlspace and revealed himself to be the former Punk Planeteer.

Joakim Noah
The Big Bull is back. And we’re not talking about Benny.

Lovie Smith
The Bears’ winning coach inked a two-year contract extension and, allegedly, cracked a smile.

Joel Quenneville
Hawks coach finally got his champs back into playoff contention with a five-game win streak. Nothing like an ulcer and a hospital to motivate the guys.

This week’s biggest losers:

Carol Moseley Braun
Former United States senator, the only woman and the anointed African-American entry among the top four mayoral candidates finished fourth. She beat the woman she called a crackhead, at least.

Jody Weis
Scapegoated police superintendent fell on his sword, shortly after notching Chicago’s lowest murder rate in more than a generation.

Judy Erwin
Stepped down from the Emanuel transition team after one day in one of the fastest-developing ethics flaps in Chicago political history.

Dave Duerson
The deceased Bear was in the headlines for a second week, notching far more press as a suicide than he ever got as a player.

Augustin Toscano and Raul Segura-Rodriguez
Double murder suspects were revealed to be black-magicking death worshippers. Or does that make them sound cool?

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