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This week’s biggest gainers:

Dan Sinker
@MayorEmanuel picked up a second fifteen minutes of fame.

Rahm Emanuel
Mayor-elect showed his tent is big, at least big enough for Twitter imposters.

Tom Thibodeau
Coached his team to victory, and a season sweep, over the Flop-King James-led Miami Heat.

Joel Quenneville
Hawks coach now has eight straight wins, pushing the champs further into the playoff picture, in spite of their early efforts to avoid it.

Lupe Fiasco
Hip-hop star’s album “Laser” got a long-delayed release but the response was kind of dim.


This week’s biggest losers:

J. Michael Bailey
Northwestern prof vilified by media crusade for a sex course that featured a real demo. Didn’t he know college sex belongs in the dorm room, not the classroom?

Morton Schapiro
Northwestern president flip-flopped and flailed in defending then rebuking his controversial sex prof.

Todd Stroger
Former County Board prez filed for unemployment, just like the rest of us.

Shaun Gayle
Can ex-NFLers be fined for misconduct? Former Bear admitted that he did have sex with Marni Yang the night before she allegedly killed his pregnant longtime girlfriend.

Richard “R.J.” Vanecko
What’s life gonna be like without Uncle Richie at City Hall? The Sun-Times ran a series of stories about an unsolved murder at a nightclub where Vanecko was allegedly present.

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