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This week’s biggest gainers:

Patrick Quinn
The governor signed landmark legislation to repeal the death penalty. And somehow Rod Blagojevich did not try to take credit.

Michael and Scottie
The Bulls celebrated the twentieth birthday of the wonder years, i.e. the first NBA title in 1991. Not that we’re fawning, or anything.

Charles Ramsey
Rahm says he likes you, Mr. Philly police chief. Not saying ya got the job, or anything. We gotta pretend to follow the rules, after all.

Eddie and JoBo
Ed Volkman and Joe Bohannon don’t know Jack. No one else will either, as they join the once no-host radio station.

Rafer Weigel
The late Tim Weigel’s son signed on at Channel 7 News. No word on his plans to go blond.

This week’s biggest losers:

Rod Blagojevich
Apparently starving for a headline, the convicted ex-guv asked the court to skip another trial and sentence him now. Or he’ll cry, he’ll really really cry.

Jon Burge
The ex-police commander heads to prison on Wednesday. Apparently, fellow jailbirds are whistling enthusiastically at the prospect of remaking his, um, acquaintance.

Harry Teinowitz
Whoever this guy is, folks are sure making a ruckus over his recent DUI arrest. Marijuana residue on his shirt? What is that?

Gery Chico & Carol Moseley Braun
Lose the election, figure you can at least duck back into anonymity for a minute, right? Nah, the New York Times wants to expose your legal fundraising as, well, not to their liking.

Jeff Bezos to Illinois: Drop Dead!

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