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This week’s biggest gainers:

Derrick Rose
LeBron who? It’s all about the Bulls and the Celtics.

Jim Tyree
The Mesirow chief and Sun-Times savior was widely lauded after his premature death last week.

Paul Kahan
Blackbird chef got nominated for the top James Beard Award.

Stephanie Izard
The Girl’s Goat just might grow a Beard of its own.

Jonathan Toews
Might we see two MVPs calling United Center home this spring?

This week’s biggest losers:

Marni Yang
Not only was she convicted of the first-degree murder of the pregnant girlfriend of former Bear Shaun Gayle, but the press photo sure made her look skanky.

Richard J. “R.J.’’ Vanecko
Daley nephew enjoyed a second week of headlines linking him to a deadly drunken brawl on Rush Street in 2004.

Rod Blagojevich
Really, why did we elect this guy in the first place?

Rev. Michael Pfleger
The high-profile priest at St. Sabina’s says he’s been reassigned to a lower-profile pulpit.

Carol Moseley Braun
So apparently Rahm Emanuel was the African-American candidate for mayor.

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