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This week’s biggest gainers:

Barack Obama
Who knew? He’s running for reelection with a campaign HQ back here where it all started.

Dennis Rodman, Tex Winter, Artis Gilmore
What do they have in common? All former Bulls and, now, all Hall of Famers.

Mark Buehrle
White Sox. Opening Day. Stalwart.

Jim Skinner
McDonald’s is going to hire 50,000 people. Or they could pay about 96 folks what their CEO makes.

Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko
So no homicide investigation for Daley’s nephew after all. What a “winner.”

This week’s biggest losers:

Cubs Fans
Another freezing opening day, another bummer.

The iPhone Killer
Life in prison? There’s an app for that.

Louis Farrakhan
So when do you love your “brother” Moammar Gadhafi more? When he mows down his own people or when he delivers long delusional rants?

Terry Hilliard
You sure you want this gig? Interim police supe suspended officers after they allegedly sexually assaulted a North Side woman who needed their help.

Rod Blagojevich
Sorry to hear you’re disillusioned, man. Your people cry for you.

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