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Chicago Hype Exchange: Charting the Capricious Contours of Celebrity

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This Week’s Biggest Gainers:

Phil Humber
Sox starter pitched a victory at Arizona on Sunday, upping his record to 7-3 and putting him into the All-Star buzzosphere. Good thing he wasn’t the one with the kidney stone.

Sam Cooke
A Change Is Gonna Come: The late soul singer was honored with the renaming of a street near his boyhood home in Bronzeville to “Sam Cooke Way.” Even if his “way” led to his fatal shooting at 33—but not in Chicago.

Al Capone
Even in death, the mob boss is profitable—his revolver is projected to sell for more than $100,000 when auctioned this week at Christie’s in London.

Rod Blagojevich
Five days of deliberation, and his jurors still headed home for the weekend without reaching a verdict. Gotta hand it to them: we get kind of sick when we just think about him for five minutes.

Rei Kong
The first-grader from South Loop Elementary was Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s special guest to Gov. Pat Quinn’s signing of a bill lengthening the school day, after apparently asking Rahm about the bill during a classroom visit.

This Week’s Biggest Losers:

Lewis Jordan
The CEO resigned after questions about his credit-card use at the Chicago Housing Authority and a vote of no confidence from Rahm meant “you. and. me. are. through.”

Dr. Gautam Gupta
The Chicago-area weight-loss physician is the subject of an FBI manhunt after being charged with defrauding insurance companies of $25 million. Now we’ll get to see if he’s in running shape.

Bruce Jorgensen
The attorney was arrested for removing his court-ordered ankle bracelet—but wasn’t ordered to stop practicing law. If they threw out all the lawbreakers from the courtroom, who’d be left?

Criss Henderson
The executive director of Chicago Shakespeare Theater was forced to indefinitely postpone the opening of “1001 Nights” after delays in the processing of visas for six actors, who were allegedly brokenhearted to miss the fudge and crystal jewelry shops on Navy Pier.

Parker Rasmussen
The first-grader from South Loop Elementary who actually asked Rahm about the length of the school day, but wasn’t invited to the bill signing due to a miscommunication. Oops. Sorry, Parker.

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