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Chicago Hype Exchange: Charting the Capricious Contours of Celebrity

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This week’s biggest winners:

Rahm Emanuel
Landed a NATO and G-8 summit and got your house back? No wonder you looked so proud in Boystown Sunday.

Mike Ditka
Famed salsa personality will make a cameo appearance on the final episode of “Entourage.”

Nick Charles
From Chicago cabbie to CNN sportscaster to one of People magazine’s most handsome men, the city and the broadcasting world mourned the passing of Nick Charles at 64. No reaction from Nora.

Michael McDermott
The Chicago crooner made rounds with the Chicago media this week—which dusted off the “next Springsteen” lines for the occasion—saying he’s winning his battle with vice that derailed a once-promising music career.

Bill Murray
Last Tuesday was named Bill Murray Day, on Facebook. Chicago’s most aloof comedian continues to charm generation after generation, because, well, he’s so damn good at being aloof.

This week’s biggest losers:

Rod Blagojevich
The tribe—er, jury—has spoken. It’s time for you to go to jail.

Conrad Black
The ex-media baron was ordered back to prison this week for thirteen months. In his speech to the judge, he quoted a Kipling poem… just like Blagojevich once did.

Chet Haze
Tom Hanks’ son debuted his widely reviled rap act at Enclave this weekend. At least it wasn’t as long as “The Money Pit.”

Roger Ebert
Learned not to call a dead Ryan Dunn a jackass, even if he was drunk driving, and even if he was technically a “Jackass.”

Jerry Reinsdorf
The Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner saw his granddaughter charged with marijuana possession. She was probably just trying to cope with Adam Dunn’s devastingly disappointing season in her own way.

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