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Chicago Hype Exchage: Charting the Capricious Contours of Celebrity

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This Week’s Biggest Gainers:

Amy LePeilbet
Despite the crushing loss in the final, Crystal Lake-native LePeilbet and the rest of the US women’s soccer team made Chicago, and America, proud. And kept their shirts on, to boot.

Matthew Lewis
The “Harry Potter” star attended the AMC River East premiere of the new movie and then hit the town. Apparently he had a little too much fun at a local bar—those kids really have grown up.

Jane Lynch
The Illinois native received yet another Emmy nod for her role in “Glee.” Eat it, Will Schuester.

Frank Lloyd Wright
LEGO announced plans to release a Robie House set. Too bad the dead architect’s the only one who might have a chance at putting it together: It’s 2,726 pieces.

Ozzie Guillén
The Sox manager made Sports Illustrated’s top-100 Twitter list. Not quite a World Series ring.


This Week’s Biggest Losers:

Marilyn Monroe
Her new statue in Pioneer Court near Tribune Tower is rapidly becoming one of the most-photographed objects in Chicago. Unfortunately for the long-dead celeb, most involve tourists looking up her skirt. At least she doesn’t have to deal with the antics of  Randy Michaels.

Rod Blagojevich
The ex-governor was forced to put up his Ravenswood Manor house to make bond, and then quickly put it on the market. His sales pitch? “It too is effin golden!”

Frank Clark
The ComEd honcho faced the fallout of angry customers after the heavy storm left many without electricity. Talk about a loss of power.

Max Fleck
The Lincoln Parker was arrested after calling police on Thursday to complain his marijuana stash had been stolen. Harsh, dude!

R. Kelly
Speaking of losing homes, the legally troubled singer was just slapped with a foreclosure on his suburban Chicago mansion. Now he’s putting the blues back into R&B.

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