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Chicago Hype Exchange: Charting the Capricious Contours of Celebrity

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This Week’s Biggest Gainers:

Don Cornelius
The creator of “Soul—er, Sooooooooooul Train” was feted by the city and the media as he marked forty years since he created the “black ‘American Bandstand’.”

Rahm Emanuel
Finished the Chicago Triathlon near the top of his age bracket. Whaddya think, mayor? How about the marathon?

Jim Oberweis
The ultra-conservative ice cream baron lowered his sights to the State Senate, hoping to avoid the meltdown his previous statewide campaigns have ended in.

Dane Sanzenbacher
Although he’s just the sixth wide receiver for the Bears, the undrafted free agent made the team with on-field performance and can-do attitude, winning over the media in the process.

David Doeren
The new head coach of the Northern Illinois University’s football team battled through nearly four quarters of rain to lead his team to an impressive victory, 49-26, over Army.


This Week’s Biggest Losers:

Joe Walsh
The Tea Partying suburban congressman says he’s sitting out the prez’s speech on jobs, perhaps in order to try and get a Rick Perry hairdo?

Carlos Zambrano
The antics-prone ace is done for the season after his walkout. And fans increasingly wish done for Wrigley.

Lance Briggs
Bears linebacker started pouting for a trade. He sure is a big guy for a baby, eh?

Ozzie Guillen
Great to hear the kerfuffle about a contract extension as your boys were getting swept away from the playoffs by the rival Tigers.

Betty Loren-Maltese
Cicero’s ex-con ex-president conducted a garage sale for living expenses. At $1.50 a pair, her iconic earrings were a bargain.

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