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This Week’s Biggest Gainers:

Brian Urlacher
Bears linebacker feasted on Falcon meat.

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a movie star!

Lovie Smith
Proved critics wrong (again) when his Bears stuffed the Falcons in their season opener.

Dan Sinker
His book got a swift kickstart when the object of his, um, affection, Mayor Emanuel showed up at the launch event.

David Perry
The city mourned the Fenwick High leader, the most successful water polo coach in state history.


This Week’s Biggest Losers:

Rahm Emanuel
Reportedly unleashed a “fuck you” on teachers union leader Karen Lewis in a meeting. Must have been inspired by Dan Sinker’s book.

Richard Daley
Our poor ex-mayor-for-life just got his security detail cut in half, to three men.

Thomas J. Micucci
You were just sitting on the couch playing video games when a car crashed into your living room. When investigators discovered your pot farm, you were arrested, but your roommate fared worse: Zachary Isenberg died in the crash.

Janet Hardt
She fatally learned that hot beef oil is not a viable form of cosmetic surgery.

Ozzie Guillen
In spite of a championship-caliber team on paper, his White Sox are just about Adam Dunn.

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