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Life 101: The Education Issue

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Illustration by Jeremy Sorese

Another year older? Check. Another year wiser? Hmmm.

We’re the last to say it’s a simple thing, navigating this precious cargo we call ourselves. But we do know that one of the best investments you’ll ever make—of money, of time—is in your own human capital. It’s not easy to chart a course, especially after a long run through college of courses basically charted for you. But we believe exploration is the essence of life, and we found stories for this issue to aid you in that process. We’re not going to tell you what to do or where to go—there are plenty of fine sources for that. But by sharing a few personal stories, by pointing out a few lesser-known opportunities we hope to help you find your way, whether straight and narrow or off the beaten path.

Let us know where you end up.

Out of Iowa: A Life of Lessons Learned and Lost at Workshop

Angst Academy: The Philosophy Institute Brings Ideas Out into the World

Social Education: CommuniTeach Plays Matchmaker for Teaching and Learning

Crossing Swords: A Revival of Traditional European Martial Arts

Senior Class: A Sixtysomething Gets His Start at Squaw Valley Writer’s Conference

An Abstract Education: The Seductive Call of the Experiential

Don’t Look So Horrified: The Monstrous Pleasure of Cinema Studies

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