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Fall Forward: The Guide to the New Season 2012

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Steve James, Chicago-based director of “Hoop Dreams” and “The Interrupters,” takes on Big Football with “Head Games”

Ah, fall.

The season of cool breezes and kaleidoscopic leaves. Of football fandom—watching young men ruin their brains for life—and campus strolls, where you can watch our youth rack up a lifetime of student-loan debt in exchange for the most uncertain employment outlook for college grads in a generation.

Misery, thy name is autumn.

At least we have the arts, which seize the season with new vigor every September, and where depression, dysfunction and an overall dismal disposition is not a state of mind: it’s material.

Fall Art Preview 2012

Fall Dance Preview 2012

Fall Film Preview 2012

Fall Lit Preview 2012

Fall Music Preview 2012

Fall Stage Preview 2012

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