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The twentieth anniversary audience poll for the legendary Best of Chicago is now live!  Click here to vote right now in these categories:

City Life
Best way to describe Chicago weather
Best candidate for president, regardless of whether he or she is from Chicago
Best opening paragraph of an imaginary staff memo from Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Best prison nickname for Blago
Best slogan for Chicago to make the world forget about all those nasty murders they keep hearing about
Best bet about where Groupon’s stock price will be in 2017
Best thing about that whole NATO Summit business
Best outcome from the Chicago Public School teachers strike

Culture & Nightlife
Best art exhibit in the last year or so
Best theater production in the last year or so
Best new bar or club opened in the last year or so
Best foreign cultural center in Chicago
Best new “nom de guerre” for Chief Keef to make everyone forget about the tragic Lil JoJo business
Best place to hear world music year round
Best place for celeb sightings
Best local dance company

Food & Drink
Best brunch
Best Ethiopian restaurant
Best falafel
Best fish and chips
Best place for craft cocktails
Best gourmet donut shop
Best sandwich shop
Best new restaurant opened in the last year or so

Goods & Services
Best bike shop
Best butcher shop
Best comic book shop
Best grocery store
Best independent bookstore
Best running store
Best shoe repair
Best new boutique or shop opened in the last year or so

Sports & Recreation
Best race other than the marathon
Best new Bear
Best new Blackhawk
Best new Bull
Best new Cub
Best new White Sox
Best Big Ten fans in Chicago
Best Bears bar

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