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Presents: A Most Peculiar Holiday Guide and Gift Rap

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Bailey Building & Loan. Matuschek and Company. The Pine Tree Ski Lodge. Macy’s, when there was just one, owned by Mr. R.H. Macy. Holiday Inn, the one in the movie that the chain was later named after. Heck, even Scrooge & Marley when you get right down to it.

It’d be kind of hard to play a Christmas movie in your heart without a business owned by a real person, not a faceless corporation. The holiday, at least in its contemporary secular sense, is hard-wired to the moms and pops of the world, usually for better, sometimes for worse (Ebenezer, Mr. Potter). 

Close your eyes and conjure up those Currier & Ives images from your memory. Now replace the quaint little New England streets with strip malls, McDonald’s and Walmarts. Do you understand at least part of the reason we’re so passionate that you shop local?

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