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Newcity’s Super Issue: Top 5 of Everything 2012; New Year’s Eve and Holiday Films

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When we started our Top 5 lists, back at the dawn of time itself, we did so in conscious opposition to the bloviating bile being excreted by critics everywhere, where a combination of excessive self-appreciation combined with editors on holiday brought out a year-end product where the attention of audiences was not making anyone’s list. Our idea was simple: top five, not ten or more, sparse explanation. What we did not anticipate was how popular these little lists would become, or how creative. Today we publish a whopping eighty-seven Top 5 of Everything 2012 lists. Eighty-eight if I can find the time to write one more: The Top 5 Lists Among Newcity’s Top 5 of Everything Lists for 2012.

And don’t forget to plan your holiday filmgoing with all the new reviews at including “Django Unchained,” “Les Miserables” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Or to book your reservation today for New Year’s Eve using our guide to that wild and crazy night.

See you next year. We hope.* (Brian Hieggelke)

*Top 5 Things That Almost Made Us Think The Mayans Were Right in 2012
“Red Dawn” Remake
70 Degrees in December
That First Presidential Debate
My Bank Account
Snooki Had a Kid
—Eric Lutz

Top 5 Wheelie Exciting Chicago Bicycling Stories of 2012
Hundreds of cyclists provide input for 645-mile Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 network
Comrade Cycles, Chicago’s first worker-owned bike shop, opens in Ukrainian Village
Couriers from around the globe gather here for Cycle Messenger World Championships
Final plans for Bloomingdale Trail and “linear park” released; construction slated for 2013
CDOT builds Chicago’s first two-way protected bike lane downtown on Dearborn Street
—John Greenfield

Top 5 Things that Made Chicago Sports Fans Swoon
Darwin Barney’s Gold Glove
The Sox Season Before September
Peanut Tillman
Cutler’s Mustache
Northern Illinois Going to the Orange Bowl
—Eric Lutz

Top 5 Things that Made Chicago Sports Fans Groan
D-Rose’s Season-Ending Injury
That Bears-Niners Monday Night Game
The Chicago Cubs
The Sox’s September Stinker
The NHL Lockout
—Eric Lutz

Top 5 Chicago 5K Races of 2012
Ravenswood Run (April 29)
Chinatown 5K (July 14)
Terrapin 5K (August 2)
Burgers & Beer 5K (August 20)
Carrera de los Muertos (November 3)
—Zach Freeman

Top 5 Chicago Races Longer Than a 5K of 2012
Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K (March 25)
Cinco de Miler (May 6)
Soldier Field 10 Mile (May 26)
Proud to Run 10K (June 23)
Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon (July 22)
—Zach Freeman

Top 5 Things That Should End After 2012
Those Bud Light Commercials with Pitbull
The Word “Yummy”
J’Marcus Webb’s Contract
The Tea Party
—Eric Lutz

Top 5 Not-So-Pedestrian Local Walking Stories of 2012
Chicago’s speed-camera ordinance passes, paving the way for safer walking conditions
CDOT’s Make Way for People program turns parking spaces into miniature parks
City releases first-ever comprehensive Pedestrian Plan
Open Streets ciclovia expands to include Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park/Bucktown
Mayor Emanuel announces $100 million plan to complete the Chicago Riverwalk
—John Greenfield

Top 5 Rapidly Developing Transit Stories in 2012
CTA announces five-month closure of south Red Line, $240 million 95th Street station rehab
Both CTA and Metra hike farecard prices
Sparkling new CTA stations open at Green/Pink Morgan and Yellow Oakton
Amtrak train hits 111 MPH downstate, paving the way for high-speed service to St. Louis
Jeffery Jump debuts; plans for bus rapid transit downtown and on Western, Ashland
—John Greenfield

Top 5 Places to Find Your New Furry Best Friend in 2012
Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control
Tree House
Don’t Bully My Breed
Red Door Animal Shelter
—John Wawrzaszek

Top 5 Noticeable Improvements to/for City Transit in 2012
Expansion of Protected Bike Lanes
Red Line north (Wilson to Jarvis) station improvements
“New York style” train cars
Bus Tracker made available on outdoor bus shelters
Wicker Park/Bucktown Milwaukee Avenue bike corral
—John Wawrzaszek

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