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The Heart of a Festival: Environmental Efforts at and by Lollapalooza

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Part of the Official Guide to Lollapalooza’s Green Street


Rock out, recycle and win a free commemorative Lollapalooza t-shirt, cool swag and a chance to win a Lollapalooza bike. Visit one of the four Rock & Recycle centers throughout the park for more details.

Recycled Paper Greetings puts a fresh spin on the classic card. They pioneered the use of recycled paper in the greeting card industry and continue to print more than eighty million cards annually on recycled paper. Recycled Paper Greetings is committed to sustainable practices and is very proud to be the sponsor of Lollapalooza’s Rock & Recycle program where you can earn free stuff for recycling.


Over the past six years, C3 Presents has worked with Green Mountain Energy to track and offset Lollapalooza’s carbon footprint. By offsetting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions created by the event’s generators, staff travel, artist travel and festival vehicles, along with offering event goers the opportunity to offset their event travel, the festival has offset approximately 14.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, which is as much as taking over 1,300 cars off the road for one year. (See the related story for more information.)

In addition to offsetting the electricity Lollapalooza does use, the festival will be using bio-diesel as its primary fuel for generators at the 2013 festival, directly reducing Lollapalooza’s carbon footprint.

What festival attendees can do to tread lightly: Purchase a $3 carbon offset at checkout!

By choosing to tread lightly to Lollapalooza, you balance out 220 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions associated with travel to the festival. That’s like not driving a car 245 miles, or as much CO2 as twenty young trees can absorb in one year.

All carbon offsets purchased from Lollapalooza 2013 will benefit the Indian Creek Landfill Gas Project in Hopedale, Illinois, just outside Peoria. The landfill has special equipment that captures naturally occurring landfill gas, which contains methane, and destroys it through a combustion process. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas with more than twenty times the potency of carbon dioxide. The project is third-party certified by Climate Action Reserve, which means the offsets are real, permanent and beyond what’s required by law or would have occurred otherwise. Learn more about renewable energy and carbon offset projects Green Mountain supports by visiting their Projects We Support Map.


Waste diversion is aggressively practiced both backstage and front-of-house with an incentive program for fans, hundreds of recycling bins, composting stations in the picnic areas, and a team of hired professionals and volunteers. Please help divert waste from the landfill by selecting the correct bin before tossing your waste away. You can reduce your waste by refilling your water container at one of the six CamelBak Filling Stations. Last year, Lollapalooza fans poured enough water to fill over 264,000 water bottles.


Fans are encouraged to take environmentally friendly transportation to the festival, such as walking, biking, taking city mass transportation, or carpooling. Since 2006, the festival has partnered with a local nonprofit biking organization, Active Transportation Alliance, to provide a bike valet service for patrons. The bike valet is located on Lake Shore Drive and Monroe Street. Fans can also arrange car shares through the Lollapalooza Zimride Network.


Once inside the park, patrons find three dedicated teams of volunteers (more than 200 volunteers per day) helping to spread the green message and to ensure that festival environmental programs run efficiently.

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