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Presents: The Holiday Issue

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Cover by Max Clarke

Cover by Max Clarke

In these secular, overwhelmingly commercial times, the holidays can easily become a season of dread, of disdain, of why-do-we-do-this-again-and-again? Like Charlie Brown, every year I find myself searching once again for the true meaning of Christmas. I found it, this year, when reading Naomi Huffman’s heartfelt essay about her grandparents, in this line, which unexpectedly choked me up: “All the fanfare, all the fuss, it was all for us, their grandchildren.” You have to read it in context, of course, but I realized: That’s what the holidays are all about—family, memories and love, unconditional love, the kind of love those lucky enough to feel it as children binds us forever to those who gave it to us and creates a lifelong longing to find it again and, ultimately failing that, to pass it on. Read through these essays, all written by sophisticated, urban, maybe even “ironic” writers, and see if you can’t find that thread yourself. It’s there. (Brian Hieggelke)

Bad Santa: An Unforgettable Employment Claus

Daunting Bird Day: Heartsick for the Holidays

Thoughts That Count: Five Cards that Celebrate Christmas in Chicago from Chicago

Boze Narodzenie: A Brighton Park Memoir

The Santa Fe Locomotive: For the Love of a Grandfather

Seasons Misgivings: Christmas Has No Conscientious Objectors

The Black Friday Brawl: The Importance of Owning Poo-Chi

Deck the Hell: Why Ornament?

Cinematic Giving: How to Have Christmas Just Like in the Movies

When the Aspidistra Was Flying: Home, Among the Bookshelves, For the Holiday



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