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Life 101: The Education and Reinvention Issue 2014

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Illustration by Chris Eliopoulos

What is it about the turn of a calendar, the ticking of a single stroke of a festive midnight that sets off such a wave of self-improvement, of life contemplation, of change? Perhaps it is less the passing of another year than a communal sobering up after the extended annual bacchanal that our holidays have become. Or perhaps it is simply a reaction to the bitter cold of a long winter setting in without the distractions of a beach or a beer garden. In any case, we all fall under the self-repair spell each year at this time. Sometimes we make real changes; too often we craft empty resolutions. In hope for the former and fear of the latter, we’ve asked some of Chicago’s finest writers to weigh in, sometimes with lessons from their own experiences, sometimes with the fruits of their better expertise. Some addressed educational imperatives, the foundation of most upward undertakings; others addressed more unusual corrections to life’s misdirections. Read on, and start your journey to a better place a year from now. (Brian Hieggelke)

Chronicles of Continuing Education: Lessons from German Lessons
Chronicles of Continuing Education: Apprenticeship
Chronicles of Continuing Education: Other Music Lessons
Chronicles of Continuing Education: The Poetry of Futility
Chronicles of Continuing Education: The Fable of the Lunchroom Lyceum
Chronicles of Continuing Education: The Seeing and Somethingness of Guiding Writers 
Chronicles of Continuing Education: Rallying for the Old School

Change Your Life: Quit Smoking?
Change Your Life: Bake a Pie
Change Your Life: Acupuncture
Change Your Life: Privacy Protection
Change Your Life: Yoga
Change Your Life: Blog
Change Your Life: Wait Your Time


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