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What Makes Lollapalooza Green

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Part of the Official Guide to Lollapalooza’s Green Street


Waste Diversion
Waste diversion is aggressively practiced both backstage and front-of-house with an incentive program for fans, hundreds of recycling bins, composting stations in the picnic areas, and a team of hired professionals and volunteers. Please help divert waste from the landfill by selecting the correct bin before tossing your waste away. You can reduce your waste by refilling your water container at one of the six CamelBak Filling Stations. Over the past four years, Lollapalooza fans poured enough water to fill over a million water bottles!

rockandrecycleLogoRock & Recycle Program
Rock out, recycle, and win a free collectible Lollapalooza t-shirt! You’ll also earn a chance to win a new bike for some earth-friendly transportation. You can also ship a Recycled Paper Greetings card to a special someone you are missing at the show. Visit one of the four Rock & Recycle centers throughout the park for more details.

Fans are encouraged to take environmentally friendly transportation to the festival, such as walking, biking, taking city mass transportation, or carpooling. Plenty of bike parking is located on Michigan Avenue between Balbo Avenue and Congress Parkway (BYO lock!), and Specialized will be joining to provide a bike repair shop for any last-minute needs.

Carbon Offsets
Every year, Lollapalooza calculates and offsets carbon emissions created by festival generators, staff travel and artist travel. Over the past seven years, Lollapalooza producers and fans have offset 16.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions. This is the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1.7 million young trees in a year.

Green Street
Green Street is the Festival’s face of social responsibility, offering more than your average Festival shopping experience. Lollapalooza’s home for greening initiatives, hand selected art vendors, non-profit organizations and farm-to-festival fare, Green Street aspires to leave an impact far beyond the Festival alone. Whether selling repurposed or ethically sourced goods, all vendors have proven values that align with Lollapalooza’s. The featured Lolla Cares organizations support surrounding and international communities with causes ranging from health advocacy to sustainable practices to fighting poverty at home and abroad. The Rock & Recycle Center and CamelBak Filling Stations represent the many Festival environmental initiatives and Lolla Farmers Market features small-batch food businesses from the Chicago area. We invite all attendees to get involved, so swing by Green Street and join the conversation.

Volunteer Teams
Once inside the park, fans find three dedicated teams of volunteers (over 200 volunteers per day) helping to spread the green message and to ensure that environmental programs run efficiently. These programs would not be possible without them!

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