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Common Sense: Unplug and Unite!

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A plague is upon this city. The disease of which I speak is more insidious than the influenzas and malaise darkening the bleakest Chicago winter; it is the subtle tyranny of the technology we carry as entertainment each day. Devices once considered bourgeois conveniences have, bit-by-bit, redefined acceptable public behavior and, far worse, enslaved us to their constant application. For what are these mp3 players and Bluetooth phones now except intellectual-deprivation tanks of perpetual distraction?
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Professor of Play: How Eugene Jarvis parlayed the fine art of killing Martians into the best job ever

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By Andy Seifert

Eugene Jarvis’ office is trashed.

“Trashed” may actually be too strong of a word, but you don’t usually expect the president of a company to have a bunch of crap just lying around his primary workspace. There are folders all over the floor. An empty carton of milk next to a cactus plant. A dusty cap from the Hoover Dam. A fire-evacuation-procedure form sits on top of some unmarked box of papers. Somewhere, lost underneath a pile of boxes, are thirty or so t-shirts emblazoned with “Eugenius.” And behind the desk, behind the computer and behind the lifetime-achievement award from the 2005 Game Developer’s Choice Awards, sits the grinning 53-year-old who couldn’t care less what his office looks like.
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