For the last couple decades, Newcity has crafted an increasing number of annual lists documenting the cultural forces lifting Chicago, both the behind-the-scenes movers and shakers and the front-and-center artists, writers, musicians, actors, etc. In 2013, we launched two more lists, the Film 50 and the Design 50, and revived a couple more, bringing our full list into the publication cycle.

In order to keep the lists as fresh as possible, and to spread the recognition as widely as we can, we’ve settled on alternating annual focuses: one year we zero in on the behind-scene power players, and the other year we highlight the artists. Herewith, the most recent two of each list (except for the brand new and revived lists in 2013, natch.)

Art 50 2015: Chicago’s visual vanguard (“power”)
Art 50 2014: Chicago’s artists’ artists (“artists”)

The Big Heat 2015: Chicago’s Food & Drink Fifty (“power”)
The Big Heat 2014: Chicago’s Food & Drink Fifty (“artists”)

Design 50 2015: Who shapes Chicago (“power”)
Design 50 2014: Who shapes Chicago (“artists”)

Film 50 2015: Chicago’s Screen Gems (“power”)
Film 50 2014: Chicago’s Screen Gems (“artists”)

Lit 50 2015: Who really books in Chicago (“power”)
Lit 50 2014: Who really books in Chicago (“artists”)

Music 45 2015: Who keeps Chicago in tune (“power”)
Music 45 2014: Who keeps Chicago in tune (“artists”)

The Players 2015: The 50 people who really perform in Chicago (“power”)
The Players 2016: The 50 people who really perform in Chicago (“artists”)