Sample artwork by Pickleman

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Theaster Gates
Michelle Grabner
Laura Letinsky
Edra Soto

Logo showing the word 'Folio' combined with '01' in bold
18″ x 24″ prints will be inserted and delivered to you along with Newcity magazine.

Folio is a publishing project organized by Pickleman and published by Newcity.
Logo showing the word 'Folio' combined with '01' in bold
2023 Schedule:


Will I receive the Folio inserts if I’m already a print subscriber?

Yes, all print subscribers will receive the Folio inserts starting in April 2023.

Where can I learn more about subscribing to Newcity’s print edition?

You can learn more about our monthly subscription here, or our annual subscription option here.

Will they be inserted in free copies of Newcity?

No, only print subscribers will receive the collectible inserts. You can also purchase back issues of the magazine, which include the inserts for select months.

How will the prints arrive?

The prints will be folded into an 8″ x 9″ rectangle as seen below and inserted in the envelope with your magazine.
Grid showing measurements plus fold lines.

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