Framed artwork on bookcase.
Edra Soto's Folio edition framed

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Logo showing the word 'Folio' combined with '01' in bold
18″ x 24″ prints will be inserted and delivered to you along with Newcity magazine.

Folio is a publishing project organized by Pickleman and published by Newcity.
Logo showing the word 'Folio' combined with '01' in bold

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New subscriptions won’t include these editions of Folio, but you can order a single copy of any issue at the images linked below and they will include the Folio edition.
May 2024
Artwork showing six photos of tin cans open at various angles.
Michelle Grabner, Untitled, 2022
February 2024
Photo of Civil Rights rally framed by pinkish red border.
Theaster Gates, Black Madonna Press, 2018
December 2023
Computer arrows pointing in different directions
Jason Pickleman, This Way That Way
October 2023
A gradient of orange and red with a flash of white at top.
Luftwerk, Become Day
June 2023
Photographs of water bottles and paper scraps on a table
Laura Letinsky, s a perfect ten
April 2023
Intersecting lines and shapes with light coming through darkness.
Edra Soto, Dos Cuerpos 17


Where can I learn more about subscribing to Newcity’s print edition?

You can learn more about our monthly subscription option here, or our annual subscription option here.

Will they be inserted in free copies of Newcity?

No, only print subscribers will receive the collectible inserts. You can also purchase back issues of the magazine, which include the inserts for select months.

How are they printed?

The Folio editions are printed at Classic Color on 100# uncoated Cougar paper.

How will the prints arrive?

The prints will be folded into an 8″ x 9″ rectangle as seen below and inserted in the envelope with your magazine.
Grid showing measurements plus fold lines.
How can I flatten out the folds once the print arrives?

We recommend flattening it out by laying it out on a table or another flat surface and placing art books, cookbooks or other heavy objects over the folds for a day or two.

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